First review Mercedes Citan II: a true Mercedes?

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Mercedes has big plans with the second generation Citan. Colleagues from the German magazine auto motor und sport driving it and give us first impressions about the Mercedes Citan commercial vehicle.

Photo: Mercedes

Unlike other Mercedes models, the Citan does not have a very solid tradition. The first generation Citan was a Renault Kangoo at Mercedes price and did not make much sense to the loyal customers of the Stuttgart brand despite the fine-tuning operated by Mercedes. Although inside, Mercedes tried to give a more premium ambiance, the similarities with Kangoo were too visible.

Mercedes wants things to be different in the second generation. That’s why the model was developed from the beginning by Mercedes designers and was not later developed from Kangoo. This refers not only to the design which is based on brand values and has a front typical of the brand but also to the interior where Mercedes has developed its own dashboard, in which only the instruments and switches of the air conditioning come from the French brother . That’s why Citan feels like a real Mercedes.

Mercedes Citan daschboard

How convinced the Mercedes designers were of the result of their work is proved by the fact that the new generation also offers the passenger version T-Class that comes in the spring of 2022.

Now the commercial version of Citan panel van and the Citan Tourer passenger version are starting. Later, a long-wheelbase version and a Mixed version will follow.

Citan will be available with up to two sliding doors that will be much appreciated by parents who want to install child seats. The ISOFIX child restraint system is available for the second-row exterior seats and the front passenger seat. Also, the roller that covers the trunk can be lowered behind the back of rear bench with a single movement.

The storage space is very generous and there is enough space for both children and a visit to Ikea. The backrest of the rear bench folds asymmetrically without a load threshold but the loading surface is not perfectly flat. The tailgate that rises to a great height is very practical at Citan Tourer. Instead, the Citan Panel van comes standard with two rear doors.

The interior is typical Mercedes. Most components are original Mercedes such as the round fan nozzles, the levers on the steering wheel, the multifunction steering wheel. Thus, fans of the brand will feel at home but should not have any illusions about the materials. Hard plastic predominates everywhere, which reminds us that we are in a price sensitive segment. Therefore, we are waiting with interest to see if the future T-Class will offer better materials.

How does it feel to drive?
Mercedes’ effort to reduce vibration and noise is significant. Regardless of the engine (three 1.5-liter diesels and two 1.33-liter petrol are available, all of Renault origin and all with turbo) Citan is smooth and comfortable. In the case of the tested model Citan 112 CDI equipped with the 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine and 116 HP, we still made out slight roaring frequencies in some speeds. But Mercedes promises to solve this in mass production.

Citan drives pleasantly, has many reserves in corners and elegantly cushions short bumps but also long ones. The Panel van version was designed for higher payload and therefore has a more robust suspension. Also the direction is precise and linear.

The top versions offer good performance and probably the weaker versions will seem to have insufficient power but will delight those who want make savings. And in the middle of 2022, an e-Citan with 122 HP and 245 Nm will be available, which will offer a WLTP range of 285 km.

The dual-clutch transmission is indicated when driving further into the city. Fully loaded and with a 1.5 toner trailer, Citan has to deal with a load of 3.7 tons.

In addition, a camper version will be available. Mercedes presented a Citan Camper at the specialized show in Dusseldorf where a Mercedes Citan was equipped with furniture modules from VanEssa. They can be ordered and are divided into three modules: Complete kitchen for installation behind the vehicle, equipped with water supply and sink, stove, refrigerator and an outdoor shower. You can also order a bed with a size of 1.15 x 1.89 meters, above the kitchen.

Prices start at 23,024.12 euros for Citan 110 Panel van with 102 HP petrol engine and basic equipment line.  Citan Tourer version, the corresponding entry-level model, costs 26,481.07 euros.