FIRST REVIEW: Mercedes-AMG GT 1:43 – the new original accessories collection

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The Mercedes-AMG GT is clearly this year’s superstar. What if everyman, every Mercedes-Benz fan, every inner child could see its dream come true and own this very piece of automotive art? Daimler listened to their prayers, rounding-off the brand-new original Mercedes-Benz accessories collection with a trio of Mercedes-AMG GT 1:43 miniatures.

The die-cast model is produced by famed French company Norev in three exterior colors: Diamond White, Hyacith Red and Magnetite Black. Black exterior packaging and full plethora of Daimler logos show that we are in fact dealing with the dealer edition, without any individual numbering. In respect to the overall quality, the price is actually a very reasonable 35 euros – tax included.


Set apart by fine paintwork and above the average finish, the new Mercedes-AMG GT by Norev is a simplisti, yet relatively flawless reproduction that gives the impression of true sturdiness. Without relying on the now ubiquitous photo-etched parts, so popular in the industry, the Norev model manages to overshadow its relative lack of finesse with the accuracy of each constructive detail and, especially, of the car’s demanding, yet liquid lines, challenging to replicate even in true-to-reality, 1:1 scale.


The attention given to minuscule, apparently insignificant details, is readily apparent: the water-based logos, all correctly placed, without the hazard of undesired bubbles, the brakes featuring visible calipers and mass colored plastic for the tail-lights. The window frames are again not photo-etched, as Norev chose to take the painted plastic route, clearly not a deal breaker considering the price.


The headlights do not feature any visible rivets, but the grill fails to replicate the drilling effect present on the 1:1 scale car. The wheels are well replicated, dimension-wise, and so are the exhaust pipes, big and chrome-plated – for the red version.


The interior is perfectly visible only under a relatively limited spectre of view angles. The thick windows suffer from the eye-glass effect and hide most of the details present on the center console and dashboard.


The Mercedes-AMG GT Norev’s has won over our hearts thanks to its sturdiness and the attention given to detail and less by its finesse, culprit that is set to leave an echo only among the most demanding collectors out-there. The Mercedes-AMG GT fans will surely be delighted to bring on to their very own desk such a wonderful pierce of automotive art.

Photo: Johann Nunweiller