First pictures with the Mercedes EQS interior

Mercedes EQS interior
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The second Mercedes electric model is a luxury four-door coupe called the Mercedes EQS. It will be the first model built on the new EVA electrical architecture. German magazine auto motor und sport now presents the first photos with the Mercedes EQS interior.

Photo: Auto motor und sport

The Mercedes EQS has a four-door coupe design but will play the role of an electric Mercedes S-Class. But it is built on a completely different architecture from the MRA II called EVA that will be used in the future for all Mercedes electric models from the middle class upwards.

Mercedes EQS is the first model on the EVA platform because Mercedes EQC uses a platform derived from the conventional MRA used for the Mercedes C-Class/GLC and the future compact electric models EQA and EQB will also be built on the conventional MFA II platform (Mercedes Front Antrieb).

But the Mercedes EQS will not be an S-Class. Michael Kelz, chief developer of the Mercedes EQC declared to auto motor und sport magazine: “We will have an electric car that is undoubtedly on par with an S-Class, but it will not be an S-Class”. 

At the general meeting of shareholders in July 2020, Ola Kallenius promised a range of 700 km for the new Mercedes EQS. This performance is possible thanks to a new Li-Ion battery, a very aerodynamic silhouette with a smaller front surface than an SUV.

Being the top model of the EQ range and considering the performance of the Tesla Model S, we expect the Mercedes EQS to have a more powerful propulsion system than the 408 HP and 765 Nm displayed by the Mercedes EQC.

The EQS has retractable door handles and the front console will be very short even compared to the new S-Class and that’s why we expected a more generous interior space than in the S-Class with short wheelbase.
The very narrow headlights extend quite a bit on the fenders. The front grill is located very low and then continues smoothly with the hood which is almost in the extension of the windshield as in the minivans.

Mercedes EQS spy photos 2021

auto motor und sport now presents the first photos with the Mercedes EQS interior. From the first photos you can see the new steering wheel in the Luxury version in which the bottom spoke form a cup in a black-panel look, with the central core floating within it.
The two mini touchpads and the physical controls on the steering wheel have been replaced with a silver touch surface with haptic feedback. The ergonomics is the same like in the new S-Class which has a black surface instead of silver.

The dashboard is inspired by the new S-Class with digital cluster instrument and multimedia system with portrait screen which in the top version is of OLED type with a diagonal of 12.8 inches.

We expect Mercedes EQS to take over some innovations from the new S-Class such as the new Pre-safe system, the new assistance systems and the E-Active Body Control suspension. But we do not believe that it will have an integral steering.

The new Mercedes EQS will be produced in Sindelfingen where the S-Class is also produced. The Mercedes EQC is produced in Bremen while the Mercedes EQA / EQB will be produced in the modernized factory at Rastatt.

In conclusion, here are the platforms on which the electric models will be produced:
EVA for all models from middle class upwards:  EQS luxury class sedan, a luxury SUV similar to GLS, EQE big class limousine similar to E-Class.
– MRA II conventional platform for all compact EQA and EQB models and what will follow in the future.

Mercedes will invest more than 10 billion euros in electric mobility by 2022, will electrify the whole model range and will launch 10 fully electric models. We know already nine of them (EQC, EQV, EQS, EQA, EQB, luxury SUV, EQE) plus the future smart EQ fortwo and forfour.