Exclusive: The First Pictures of the Future E-Class

E-Class for 2016
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In 2016, Mercedes will replace the E-Class. The new E-Class will adopt a new engine family and a completely new coupe and cabrio versions.

As expected, the German engineers in Stuttgart are working on the next generation of the Mercedes E-Class and now we have very early spy-shots. While Mercedes was testing the new model underneath a C-Class body for months, the connection between the E-Class and the new C-Class goes deeper than that. Like the C-Class which was the first Mercedes to use the new platform for the rear wheel drive (MRA  – Modular Rear Architecture), the E-Class will also use this new architecture.

The new E-Class generation will grow in size a little, but the vehicle will be lighter thanks to the use of aluminium for the body in white and for the drive train. In case of the Mercedes C-Class, the aluminium percentage in the body reaches 48%, from 10% in the past.  The same transformation is expected also for the E-Class.

We also expect a small increase of the wheelbase, which will be translated into superior kneeroom at the rear.

The future E-Class family will include the saloon, the coupe and the cabrio, but it will be also the base for the third CLS generation, the car which invented the four door coupe segment, very successful for the last 10 years.  As in case of the current model, the CLS will be offered as coupe and shooting brake.

Complete new engine family with 3,4 and 6 in-line engines

The engine range will be completely new. It was very hard to imagine 10 years ago that the base versions of the E-Class will be powered by 3-cylinder engines. These are part of a modular family with 3,4 and – also new – 6 cylinder in line. After W124, Mercedes comes back to the six in line cylinder replacing the currrent V6 and this replacement will gradually start in 2016 . We do not know for sure, but it is possible that the E-Class will be the first vehicle from Mercedes to get the new 6 in line engines.

The modular idea was also successfully applied for the new bi-turbo V8 4,0 litre from the AMG, which is made of two 4 cylinder blocks of the 2 litre 360 HP, already seen in CLA, A, and GLA 45 AMG.

Speaking of the AMG, the next E 63 AMG will get the new V8 bi-turbo 4,0 litre AMG engine and the power will evoluate from the actual 462/510 HP seen in the AMG GT. We expect the same level of power and also the 4matic AMG versions in the next E 63 AMG.

There will also be a change in the placement of the versions. Meanwhile, the current E-Class Coupe and Cabrio are based on the old C-Class platform, despite the fact that they wear an E badge and theoretically belong to the E-Class family, the new E-Class Coupe and E-Class Cabrio generation will move slightly upmarket to make room for the upcoming C-Class Coupe.

The E-Class Coupe and the Cabrio will fully belong to the E-Class range not only by name, like at current generation

For this reason, the future E-Class Coupe and Cabrio will act exactly in the class their name suggests. In the past, neither had an AMG version to compete against the C-Class Coupe, but the new placement gives premises for an AMG version. Practically the new E-Class competition will rise to the level of the CLS, in terms of luxury and performance.

Like in the current S-Class and the upcoming facelift of the M-Class, Mercedes will focus on green versions and we expect more than one green energy model in the range of the E-Class. With the new Plug-In Hybrid, S-Class has three hybrid versions in the range. A Plug-In hybrid is also expected for the next E-Class.

According to the certain informations, the layout of the dashboard will follow the lines of the S-Class and not of the C-Class.

While the current E-Class has been on the market since 2010 model year, followed by a huge facelift last year, the new generation is expected in 2016 as a 2017 model.

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