First photos of the all new Mercedes-Benz GLC, heir of GLK

Mercedes-Benz GLC
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The german giant Mercedes-Benz is in the process of a big change, and a good example of this are the preparations for the new generation of it’s compact SUV, Mercedes-Benz GLK, code name X253. Which is going to be named GLC from 2015. Why?

Because GLC makes more sense than GLK: “GL” stands for “Gelandewagen”, while “C” is the clear sign of the technical underpining that is provided by the new W205 C-Class. Put it simple, the future GLC is going to be “The C-Class SUV”, just like the GLA is the “A-Class crossover”.

The spy photos of the undercover GLC reveals a slightly larger proportions and a new design language, borrowed from the C-Class. The new GLC puts emphasis on dynamic stance and is going to be a real contender for Macan, X3 and Q5, much more than the current GLK. Expect even an AMG version, already confirmed by officials and potentially packing the mighty 4-liter twin-turbo featured on the new Mercedes-AMG C63.

We also have a snap of the interior of the new GLC, which is almost identically to the one in C-Class, but is going to provide more space for head and for legroom in the back, along with a more practical boot. The 4 cylinder petrol and diesel engines will offer more power. At petrol we expect a maximum output of 238 HP and a maximum torque of 380 Nm. 4 cylinder Diesels will cover a range up to 231 HP and 450 Nm. Top models will feature the V6 turbodiesel 3 litre engine.  The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system will be optional on the entry-level engines.