First photo of the Mercedes-Benz SL leaked online a month ahead official reveal

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This is the image that Mercedes-Benz was trying to keep a top-secret. But it recently leaked online, showing part of the SL convertible’s front end.

The photo confirms what we have been seeing in the spy photos so far. A sleek design, an elongated yet compact silhouette, all adorned with the slimmer angular headlights. The final body shape is yet under wraps though.

But so far we know that the Mercedes-Benz SL is getting an aluminum chassis structure, a 2+2 seating layout, and the company’s luxurious cabin.

A photo posted online by Cochespias confirms what we know. Despite the low resolution, the photo leaked on Instagram reveals an aggressive styling, complemented by a bright red boy paint. The car showed up during an event held behind closed doors, where cameras and mobile phones were prohibited. Well, apparently one went in.

The Mercedes-Benz SL comes with the Panamericana radiator grille

The eighth generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL will take over from where the AMG GT coupe left. The radiator grille does not show up in the image, but spy photos have shown the typical Panamericana unit with vertical slats, like those of the AMG GT models.

The grill and the sculpted bonnet hide either a 3.0-liter V6 with mild-hybrid tech or a twin-turbo V8. Mercedes might also prepare the powertrain of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance for the company’s future SL.

The premium carmaker has already revealed various images of the dashboard and seating area. Therefore the future SL owner will get the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with an 11.9-inch adjustable central touchscreen. All the luxury and comfort bits will stay under a retractable canvas top, that returns to the company’s portfolio for the first time since 2001.

We’ll learn more on the Mercedes-Benz SL on October 20, once the company takes the wraps off its new sports car.




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