First official pictures with the interior of Mercedes C-Class W206

Mercedes C-Class W206 interior
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A few days ago, Mercedes invited the most important car magazines in Europe to make the first contact with the new Mercedes C-Class W206 from the passenger position. After presenting the first impressions, we now return with a film, with images inside and with new details.

The new C-Class is 7 cm longer than the previous generation, the seats are new and the ignition key is similar to the new S-Class. The power dome on the hood is noticeable, as well as the new rims that debut on the new C-Class. The model in the image is with AMG package. Although the front part  is masked, we can see the new adaptive LED headlights.

As anticipated, the new Mercedes C-Class W206 takes over the layout of the new S-Class with the 11.9-inch portrait display and the new 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. However, the 3D instrument cluster version will not be available for the C-Class and will remain reserved exclusively for S-Class.

The C-Class will feature also a new head-up display with a double surface compared to the old generation.  The top class head-up display from the S-Class will not be available in the C-Class.

The model in the test is with AMG package being easily recognizable by the AMG sports steering wheel with double arms and flat at the bottom.

All engines are electrified with mild hybrid system with integrated 15 kW and 200 Nm starter generator. Gasoline engines start from 170 to 258 HP and diesels from 200 to 265 HP.

The C 300 d will receive for the first time an electrified version of the former 2-liter bi-turbo diesel with 245 hp. This is the first diesel from Mercedes to have an integrated alternator starter (ISG) combined with a 48V mains. The starter-alternator is integrated for the first time in the transmission and not in the engine so it can be easily combined with various engines. It delivers 20 hp and 180 Nm right from the start, the maximum power being 265 hp, 20 hp more than the former 2-liter bi-turbo diesel engine and 245 hp. The engine torque also increased by 50 Nm from 500 to 550 Nm

Also, in autumn, the new plug-in hybrid C 300 e will debut, which promises an electric range of 100 km due to the doubling of the battery capacity. It will develop 235 kW (320 HP) and 650 Nm.

The new C-Class is very quiet in Eco mode but if we turn on the Sport mode, we hear a superb sporty sound even if this version is a normal one and not an AMG version.

The world premiere of the new C-Class will take place on February 23