First official photo of the new Mercedes S-Class W223 and new details about the interior (with video)

Mercedes S-Class W223
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We present the first official photo of the new Mercedes S-Class W223 and new details about the ergonomics of the new generation Mercedes S-Class W223 which has in the center of the dashboard a giant screen with a diagonal of almost 50 cm.

The first official photo of the new Mercedes S-Class W223 is sligthly different from the leaked one

German magazine Auto Bild presented the first official photo with the new Mercedes S-Class W223. The front is an adaptation of the predator’s face, with thinner headlights going down to the radiator grille which features three horizontal bars. The Mercedes logo is placed on the hood and is not embedded in the grille. This is probably the standard version and we expect the AMG version to have the logo embedded in the radiator grille.

Surprisingly, compared to the photo that escaped on the internet, the lower air intake extends over the entire width of the car and is not divided into three segments. Also in the first official photo you can see the new multi-spoke wheels.

First official photo of the new Mercedes S-Class W223

The ergonomics is 100% new 

The controls for the electric adjustment of the seats are still placed on the door but the ergonomics and graphics are completely new. Ambient lights are also new. The light control is operated by a rotary knob located on the inner door handle and not on the dashboard. There is a smooth transition between the inner face of the door and the dashboard.

Mercedes S-Class leak 2020

And the steering wheel is completely new and has double side arms. The quality of the images and the film is quite poor, but we can see a tactile surface for the audio system volume in the lower right arm and another tactile surface for navigating through menus of the multiemdia system in the upper right arm.

The instrument cluster display is digital and from the images it seems to have the same size of 12.3 inches from the current generation. But on the new Mercedes S-Class W223, the instrument cluster display does not seem to be fixed to the dashboard, but it is attached to the steering column and moves with it. To the right of the steering wheel on the dashboard is the engine start button which has chrome edges.

The multimedia system benefits from a giant screen whose diagonal is about 50 cm (20 inches) and which occupies the entire center console. At its base there are physical buttons: for the volume of the audio system, for the hazard lights and for turning off the system. A car symbol appears next to the hazard button, which is probably a shortcut to the driving modes.

The images show that the huge screen will also serve as a display for the air conditioning system. The touch controls for air conditioning appear at the bottom, while the radio stations are displayed at the top.
The screen of the multimedia system is mounted at an angle and is extended with the central tunnel which seems to be higher than at the current generation. The automatic transmission is still controlled from the drive lever mounted on the right side of the steering column.

Above the multimedia system screen we find four rectangular vents completely different from the round ones from the current generation. On the side, the vents are long and thin.

Being a vector of technology, the Mercedes S-Class had to come up with an innovation in the interior. It remains to be seen how functional the new tablet will be, which includes not only the controls of the multimedia system but also of the air conditioning system and other functions.

The new Mercedes S-Class W223 will be unveiled in the second half of 2020 and sales will begin later this year. The Mercedes S-Class W223 will be produced together with the Mercedes EQS electric model which will debut in 2021 in the new plant in Sindelfingen (Factory 56).