First glance at the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class MBUX infotainment display

Mercedes S-Class W223
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Mercedes-Benz reveals the first ever official photo of the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class MBUX system. The teaser previews the official unveiling, scheduled for tomorrow.

The future Mercedes-Benz S-Class is getting the latest generation of the MBUX system at its best. Massive screens will display the features of the car. Therefore, drivers will be able to control the satellite navigation, the radio, the connectivity on board and even defrost the rear window just by commanding these to the system.

They will also be controllable via the portrait display in the center console. The official teaser reveals what fans already know after the first glimpse of the dashboard of the luxury sedan last month. The giant screen in the central console is 30 cm wide and 40 cm high.

The engineers have chosen to drop most of the physical buttons, with the touch screen carrying over most of their functions.

The first image shows the navigation, telephone and radio icons as well as the central area with the menu bar, the search area and at the base the tactile controls for the climate system.

It seems that Mercedes has been paying attention to criticism of air conditioning ergonomics in some of its models. It has thus integrated air conditioning controls at the base of the new giant screen. From the first photo it seems that, regardless of the menu configuration, the air conditioning controls remain at the bottom of the screen so that they can be easily accessed all the time just like in the Volvo models, for example.

A two-layer dashboard panel and a free-standing digital instrument cluster will find their way onboard as well. The round air vents have vanished. There are instead rectangular new ones with what seems to be aluminum trimming. The ones in the middle have a vertical layout, while the ones at the far ends are all vertical.

The future driver of the luxury sedan will hold the new multi-spoke multi-functional steering wheel.

The front end of the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class also shows up in the teaser photo

The teaser also reveals the front end of the car. New elongated slim headlights with revolutionary technology will flank the new intimidating radiator grille.

The rear end, not shown in the teaser photo, will most likely carry over the design of the E-Class sedan, sporting angular taillights and a chrome strip running between them.

There will be three episodes of the presentation of the new S-Class: on July 8, July 29 and August 12. The first episode is dedicated to the new Mercedes-benz S-Class MBUX system. The new Mercedes S-Class W223 will be presented in the second half of the year and orders will start in September 2020. The first deliveries will take place in November 2020.

Technical details of the future Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The new Mercedes S-Class W223 will be built on the MRA II platform which is an evolution of the one currently used in the C-Class and E-Class. The current generation S-Class W222 was not based on the first version of the MRA platform. The actual reason for that is that it saw the light of day in the end of 2014. The current C-Class generation and the S-Class W222 made an entrance in the fall of 2013 on a modified platform of the old W221.

The MRA II platform comes with two new features:
– the kerbweight will be lower due to the use of lightweight materials, despite the slight increase in size.
– the integral steering appears for the first time on the S-Class, while rivals such as BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 have been using it for a while already.

In a previous feature, we announced that the convertible version disappears, but the fate was far from clear. It is now confirmed that the coupe will also vanish from the S-Class range.

However, it seems that the new CEO, Ola Kallenius, has given the green light to the famous V12, which will remain in production. This is the latest information provided by the German magazine auto motor und sport.

Thus, the Mercedes S-Class W223 will have a short, long version, AMG and Maybach derivates.