FIRST EVER PICTURES: New Mercedes A-Class sedan

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The first-ever Mercedes A-Class sedan is coming to Europe and the US in 2018 and we have the pictures to prove it. The new variant will not replace the CLA, but co-exist with the four-door coupe in the A-Class range.

Mercedes will launch the new generation of the A-Class (W177) at the beginning of 2018 and the biggest news will be the first sedan spin-off of the smallest Benz. Like its hatchback and CLA brother, the A-Class sedan gets a sleek and sporty design. The new 5-door Mercedes A-Class has already been photographed in numerous capacities. Even the Mercedes-AMG A 45 has already been seen recently. But not the sedan. Until now.

It is already clear from seeing the test cars that the smallest Benz will look sportier than the current generation. The deep folds and the somewhat pushed posture make room for a tighter and stretched appearance. The Mercedes A-Class sedan, unexpectedly, does not constitute an exception.

Of course, here we simply see the A-Class sedan version, which is even more in line with the Concept A Sedan. In the form of this concept car we already got a very clear look at the design of the new Mercedes-Benz. Despite the camouflage, it is clear that we do not have to expect any major design surprises.


The new Mercedes-Benz compact models are built on a new platform, the MFA II, in fact a strong make-over of the current MFA architecture. The move will help to reduce the vehicle weight by 50 kilograms and make the body stiffer. The wheelbase of the new Mercedes A-Class grows by about 2 centimeters, which should benefit the passengers. 

A new generation of engines is also being launched for Otto engines. The new M254 engines will have maximum 2 liters of displacement, direct injection and supercharging – even e-chargers could be used. In addition to the A 250 and the AMG 45 version (more than 400 hp), a new sporty version is also to be introduced for the A-Class. Power output: around 280 hp. The AMG version of the A-Class will have more than 408 hp, which he will fire from the new two-liter. The four-cylinder with belt-driven starter-generator and 48-volt electrical system is coupled to all four wheels thanks to the new nine-speed automatic transmission. It replaces the current seven-speed automatic transmission and allows a wider spreading and can also handle more torque. An E-Turbo will later also enter the A-Class. The A-Class is also upgraded in terms of hybrid technology. The purely electric range should be up to 100 km.

The MFA II will provide the basis for the front-wheel drive future A-Class, CLA Class (and Shooting Brake), the new B-Class and the GLA Class. There are more models that will use it, but whether it will be a compact crossover (GLB) or another new A-Class derivative is not yet clear. Next year, the new A-Class sedan will in any case make its debut.