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Mercedes GLC Coupe first drive
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One year after the launch of the comfort-oriented GLC, Mercedes will launch in September the more dynamic version Mercedes GLC Coupe. First drive report: a strong designer piece without serious loss of space, comfort and everyday practicality.

4,500 euro separated the new GLC Coupe from his brother GLC. At start in September GLC Coupe is available as GLC 220 d 4Matic (49,980 euro), GLC 250 d 4Matic (51,289 euro) and GLC 250 4Matic (49,444 euro). You can find below the main interesting things about the new GLC Coupe.

You can find here all the prices of the new Mercedes GLC Coupe.

Apart from smaller storage space and the higher load sill, the GLC Coupe retain a spacious interior and an elevated driving position from the normal GLC. And in the rear, the 1.80 meters high people has enough headroom without lowering the cushion of the rear seats.  So you can travel comfortably and without keep your knees at an unconfortable angle.

With the new Adaptive drivetrain Dynamic Body Control (1,130 euro), the driver can adjust not only the response of the steering, engine and gearbox (Dynamic Select with 5 programs is standard) but also the suspension settings in Comfort, Sport or Sport Plus mode. Even in the Sport plus mode, the suspension offer a good compromise and you can save the money which you would pay for the Air Body Control air suspension (2,261 euro).

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The GLC Coupe is available with three engines from GLC: the GLC 220d 4Matic (170 HP), GLC 250 d 4Matic (204 HP) and GLC 250 4Matic (211 HP). From December on the range will be completed with 350 d 4Matic (258 HP, 620 Nm), GLC 300 (245 HP, 370 Nm) and the base diesel GLC 200d (136 HP) without 4Matic, which is standard for all other versions.

The head-up display with laser and a premium price of 1,178 euro is a wise investment because project directly on the windshield the speed limits and the infos from the navigation system.

All the assistance systems from the GLC are available for GLC Coupe. The collision warning with autonomous partial braking, LED daylights or drowsiness assistent and seven airbags are standard, while the adaptive autopilot, Lane keeping assist, Blind spot or LED headlights are optional.

Because of the rear window placed in a very flat position, the coupe is delivered with the rear view camera in standard which helps at parking maneuvres. But compared with the GLC, the rear wiper dissapeared. Why?

The GLC coupe can be personalized with attractive and nice packages (AMG Line, Night package, Exclusive Line or designo), eight leather trims and different alloy wheels up to 20 inches. All these equipments fits well to this lifestyle SUV coupe and brings a dose of exclusivity. But how would look the GLC Coupe without all these gadgets?

If you understand the german language, you can read the full report on auto-motor-und-sport website.