First drive Mercedes-AMG SL 55 by Car magazine

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Georg Kacher from Car magazine drove for the first time in Southern California the new Mercedes-AMG SL in the SL 55 version. First impressions Mercedes-AMG SL 55.

The new Mercedes-AMG SL is developed by AMG and not by Mercedes-Benz and AMG technical director Jochen Hermann, quoted by Georg Kacher, said that the new SL is a much more dynamic proposition – a car that can compete with the Porsche 911 for the first time.

The new Mercedes-AMG SL, code R232, comes with a architecture made of a mix of materials that is stiffer and lighter than before, although the car is 180 kg heavier. This is explained by the fact that the car has more technologies on board than its predecessor such as all-wheel drive, active stabilizer bars, integral steering and 5-link front axle.

Two emergency seats which do not make too much sense, but was required by the clients

The new SL has won two emergency seats in the rear but these are more suitable for carrying two golf bags than carrying passengers. That’s why, says Georg Kacher, these seats don’t make much sense.

Due to the rear seats, the volume of the trunk has been reduced from 485 liters with the roof up to 213 liters with the top down and 240 with the top up. Kacher explains that Mercedes marketing said that one of the most important requirements of the clinics was more space behind the front seats.

But SL means glamour and performance, says Georg Kacher.
“It looks cool and classy, ​​even sexy from some angles. Funny thing, people asked if the fabric roof is superior to the old hardtop or if the power has increased. No one in Southern California is interested in electrification, consumption or price”

The Mercedes-AMG SL 55 version with 476 HP was available for the first drive. Georg Kacher chose his favorite settings: the 9-speed automatic transmission in manual and Sport mode, the Dynamic Select driving mode selector in Race, and AMG Dynamics in Pro. In this case, the ESP remains active but reacts much later.

Race guarantees the fastest gear changes, the fastest integral steering response, the toughest suspension and the fastest acceleration response. Although the Active Ride Control suspension – steel springs, adaptive shock absorbers and hydraulically adjustable anti-roll bars – cushions large and transverse bumps well, narrow profile tires are noisy and affect driving comfort at low and medium speeds.

And what about the interior?

“The beautifully crafted interior looks as digitally advanced as an expensive smartphone”, says Kacher. The dashboard is dominated by a centrally mounted portrait screen that is similar to a Tesla. But this XXL vertical tablet is a little too wide and has a number of  functions that can also be accessed from the four-arm AMG steering wheel.

The softop  closes very quietly in 15 seconds and the operation can be performed  up to a speed of 35 mph. The heated package for door panels and armrests was taken over from S-Class and the Air Scarf neck heating system from other Mercedes convertible models.

You can read the whole article here.

Kacher verdict

An Aston, Ferrari or Porsche convertible are more involving to drive. But the new Mercedes SL is an excellent all-rounder. It is not yet known how much the prices will be and we will know only in March.