First comparison test: The 2020 Mercedes GLS finally faces the BMW X7 (video)

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The two heavyweights of the German SUV niche are confronted for the first time. The Straight Pipes Youtube channel pits the all-new 2020 Mercedes GLS against the BMW X7 in the first video comparison test ever.

Mercedes has had an XXL SUV for quite a few years in its range, ever since the arrival of the first GL in 2006. The model subsequently became the GLS after the restyling of the previous version. Now, the Mercedes GLS has just passed to a whole new generation, arrived just in time to attack the new BMW X7 which has only existed for a few months. These two machines, designed primarily for the American market, represent the largest and most luxurious SUVs among German premium brands.

It was therefore natural to see them compete head to head with their gigantic bodies and their ultra-comfortable interiors. And this is precisely what the Straight Pipes did for the first time on Youtube, by confronting the two German SUVs in an interesting comparison.

Lost in advance?
Unfortunately, the two 4x4s are not quite on a level playing field here. The BMW X7 used is an M50i version with a twin-turbo V8 of over 500 horsepower. The GLS is just a 450 version with a six-cylinder in-line developing just over 360 horsepower. In this context, it is the X7 which becomes the darling of the testers thanks in particular to its more sporty behavior. But it would be necessary to organize a duel with two versions with similar powertrains to decide between them more effectively… Enjoy the full video review below.