First comparison Mercedes GLE Coupe vs BMW X6 by Auto Bild

Mercedes GLE Coupe vs BMW X6
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The No. 1 car magazine in Europe, Auto Bild, tested the new Mercedes GLE Coupe vs the founder of this segment – BMW X6 and the winner is…

We have heard many times verdicts that the SUV coupes offer less interior space and are less practical than the classic SUVs. This is also the case of BMW X6 vs X5.

Starting 2008, this receipt had work very well and 280,000 customers invested their money in a BMW X6. The figure is even more impressive if we count the others 100,000 X5 units sold yearly in the world.

And the trend shall not end, as Mercedes launched a rival for the X6 with the clear goal of being even sportier than the original.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs BMW X6 4

The new Mercedes GLE Coupe is a more practical car than the X6, offering more space in the rear and more comfortable rear seats. The new GLE Coupe proves that sporty lines could match with the generous interior space.

The space is front is almost the same even the BMW X6 feels a little more airy. The layout of the dashboards is different. BMW comes with the gearstick on the central console and digital tachometer (390 euro extra), while the Mercedes has a classical tachometer, gearstick on the steering wheel on the right side and the controls for the seats in the doors.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs BMW X6 3

The adaptive drive train with 5 programs is new on Mercedes GLE.

Despite both cars have almost the same footprint, Mercedes GLE Coupe looks more imposing due to larger front grill and the unusually big 21-inch wheels, both a record in the segment.

Even the diesel is an intelligent choice for such cars, the comparison was done with the 3-liter petrol engines: 6 in-line 306 HP for the BMW and the new V6 bi-turbo with 333 HP for the Mercedes.

The BMW 6 in-line engine belongs to the old generation (N55) with one turbo, while the new V6 from Mercedes uses two turbos.

According to Auto Bild testers, Mercedes V6 biturbo engine acts and speeds up more lively, runs beautifully insulated and shows only shortly before the red zone a higher acoustic level, while the fuel consumption is almost at the same level with that of the BMW X6.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs BMW X6 6

The nine speed automatic gearbox in Mercedes helps the fuel consumption a lot, with low revs at higher driving speeds.

With an eight speed automatic gearbox and an adaptive drivetrain, the BMW X6 runs in Comfort mode as a veritable cruiser. Fitted with the Airmatic suspension, Mercedes GLE Coupe offers almost the same comfort, even if the suspension is firmer than in the X6. The Sports direct steering of the Mercedes works pretty well and the Mercedes GLE Coupe also has better brakes.

The BMW X6 is not the standard for sporty character in this class anymore. But none of these cars can be considered a real sports car. High gravity center and high kerbweight impact the sporty behavior.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs BMW X6 5

The BMW X6 xDrive 35i costs 66,400 euros, while the Mercedes GLE 400 Coupe 4Matic is priced at 67,235 euros. The BMW comes with the leather as standard (from 2,023 euros at Mercedes), while the Mercedes offers LED headlights (1,990 euro at BMW) and rear view camera (450 euros at BMW) as standard.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs BMW X6 2

In the end, the Mercedes GLE Coupe won against the BMW X6. According to Auto Bild testers, the new Mercedes GLE Coupe is sportier, quicker and offers more space than the original.

Who understands German, can read the full test here.

ModelBMW X6Mercedes GLE
Engine typeL6, turboV6, biturbo
Displacement (cmc)2,9792,996
Max.power/revs (HP/rpm)306/5,800333/5,250
Max. torque/revs (Nm/rpm)400/1,200480/1,600
Transmissionaut., 8 gearsaut., 9 gears
L/l/h (mm)4,909/1,989/1,7024,900/2,003/1,731
Boot capacity (l)550-1,525650-1,720
Kerb weight (kg)2,1752,232
Maximum speed (km/h)240245
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)6.56.1
Combined fuel consumption (l/100 km)8.58.7
Test consumption (l/100 km)11.711.8
Emission CO2 (g/km)198199
Brake distande (m) cold35.134.3
Price (euro with VAT, GER)66,40067,235


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  • Jana says:

    Drove both cars yesterday, and even though MB looks better outside, the interior lacks personality of a sports car. And to make matters worse, GLE 450 is a sports car wanna be, it has a very noisy engine, all the time, and a transmission of a true soft mercedes where you feel all the gear changes. I am ordering my bimmer today. For those who wants a true sport car feel go with X6, if you want soft car go with ML, not sure which kind a driver will like this GLE.