First co-drive Mercedes EQE 500 4Matic SUV by auto motor und sport

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The Mercedes EQE SUV will debut in May 2023. Colleagues from German auto motor und sport magazine took part in the first test drive as passengers behind the Mercedes EQE 500 4Matic and Mercedes-AMG 53 4Matic.

Mercedes has high hopes for the fourth model built on the EVA II platform, which is positioned in a crucial segment: a large-class SUV with electric drive. The Mercedes EQE 500 4Matic SUV has the same powertrain as the EQE 500 4Matic limousine with two engines delivering 408 ps (402 hp) and 858 Nm (632.8 lb-ft).

The Mercedes EQE SUV is 9 cm (3.94 in) shorter than the limousine, and the wheelbase is 9 cm (3.54 in) shorter. “We wanted to create the classic proportions of an SUV, and these dimensions offer advantages in both off-road and dynamic driving,” explains chief engineer Drummond Jacoy, as quoted by auto motor und sport.

At 4.86 meters (191 in) long and 2.14 meters (84.25 in) wide with mirrors, the Mercedes EQE SUV feels surprisingly compact and maneuverable. Only the narrower windscreen limits the field of view a little. Characteristic of other electric models from Mercedes, the noise level is out of critics. With an impressive Cx of 0.25 for its size, the Mercedes EQE SUV cuts through the air without occupants perceiving any wind noise.

As for the audio video system, Mercedes has a new partner, Zync, which allows movies and TV shows to be projected onto the passenger display when the car is configured with the Hyperscreen. Without it, films are projected on the central portrait screen, but the driver cannot watch the images for safety reasons. If the driver directs his eyes toward the screen, the screen blacks out. Zync is also available for other models in the EQ family via an over-the-air update.

The Mercedes EQE SUV has a front axle disconnect system to save energy when driving situations allow. In this way, the front electric motor switches off, and energy savings of around 5% are achieved. Another new feature is the heat pump which will be available on all models on the EVA II platform in the future and will help increase range on cold days.

Then, the editor of auto motor und sport switched models and took the place of the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53, which develops 625 ps (616 hp) and 950 Nm (701 lb-ft). For a short time, the system even delivers 687 ps (677 hp), which ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in just 3.5 seconds.

The Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 runs as quietly as its sibling, and an active anti-roll bars system powered by motors connected to a 48V network compensates for the body roll. Moreover, the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 offers an excellent compromise between comfort and sport with its adaptive drivetrain. The Mercedes EQE SUV is an SUV in terms of high driving position, ride comfort, and space. But by pressing the sport button, it feels agile like a limousine. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it might find more clients than its bigger and more expensive sibling EQS SUV.