“First 30 years were boring without you!” The Mercedes vs BMW prank is still on

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“Thank-you for 100 years of competition! The first 30 were a bit boring”, Mercedes-Benz tells BMW, the year the Munich-based rival is celebrating one century of existence.

After trolling the rival company with an invitation for the BMW employees to visit the Stuttgart car museum free of charge, Mercedes-Benz is showing a video to thank their 100-year old rivals, but also to remind them that they were here first, some 30 years ahead. It also sounds like a bit of scolding: “What took you so long?”

This comes just hours before BMW is set to reveal the company’s anniversary big plans, so that pretty much makes Mercedes-Benz a party spoiler. The premium car maker with the three-pointed star logo is also celebrating 130 years since the first ever automobile saw the light of day, from the hands of Karl Benz.

“Here is to another 100 years of competition”, the official Facebook profile of the car maker posted as a caption of the video that has already been watched by almost half million viewers.

It is starting to look a lot like a college prank, isn’t it? Yet so fun to watch if you read between the lines!

Happy 100th birthday, BMW! Here’s to another 100 years of competition.

Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Sunday, 6 March 2016