Filled with candy – The Mercedes prank that made the owner happy

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A YouTube-famous British prankster and vlogger, Casper Lee, had the time of his life filling the Mercedes of a not so famous singer, Conor Maynard, with candy.

It was the Malta-local favorite sweets that were poured into the SUV through the sliding sun roof. It took one whole afternoon to fill the car. To get his friend Conor Maynard tricked, he asked him to borrow his car, a request that the singer was happy to oblige.

“I feel terrible with how easy that was, he trusts me so much”, Caspar regretted. Yet went along with the prank. Lucky for the owner of the SUV, Caspar had thought of covering the interior of the Benz in plastic, before pouring in the chocolate Maltesers by the help of a crane.

Once the plan was completed, Casper called Conor and asked to meet him so he could give the car back. The owner of the Benz looked at his car in shock as he came nearer.

“Mate, why have you done this to me? I am never landing you anything ever again”, the singer threatened, between anger and amusement.

When he opened the door, the Maltesers dropped on the asphalt and the two practically bathed in candy.