Feel the holidays (and a lot more) with this red Brabus S-Class

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You know it’s that time of the year when Brabus ignores the huge buckets of black paint it’s got lying around in its shop and goes for red. On a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, no less.

It’s time we get a little bit festive and, who would have thought, of all the possible companies out there, Brabus is here to help. It seems even the kind of people for whom minimum power in a car starts from 600 hp and goes on to infinity get a bit mushy when it comes to Christmas.

It’s just that… there’s nothing mushy about this car. It might look like a giant marshmallow soaked in non-alcoholic punch, but in reality, its connection with the word “punch” is completely different: it packs one.

Brabus hasn’t released any technical info on this Santa-mobil, but we see no reason to doubt it’s got the same 5.9 litre V8 engine used by Brabus for their previous S 63 AMG packages. If that’s the case, it develops no less than 850 hp and a staggering 1,450 Nm of torque (that’s 1,069 lb/ft). That should indeed prove enough for moving around the presents for all the kids in the whole wide world.

Red Brabus | MercedesBlog.com

On the other hand, it might also prove enough to make Santa forget about all the deliveries and, instead, head over to the nearest mountain pass and hoon the car around until it runs out of gas. Or he ends up in a ditch and has to call the reindeer road assistance crew to pull him out.

Red Brabus | MercedesBlog.comIt’s not just the outside that’s Christmasy, the theme being continued on the inside as well. If you’re not a big fan of the cream/red (more like light burgundy, or something) color combination, you will probably want to look elsewhere when entering this red Brabus. Inside, you will have to try very hard if you want to find any surface of a different color, apart from the dark wood fascia strewn across the dashboard.

But it’s a Brabus, so we’re prepared to let all the small details slip as long as it comes with the same crazy engine as the rest of the Brabus S-Classes.