F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone ditches Maybach for GLE Coupe

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Bernie Ecclestone has a new set of wheels. What is even more interesting than the intriseque value of the news itself is this little tidbit. The Formula 1 mogul decided to ditch his Maybach for the all-new GLE Coupe.

Mr. E apparently likes his cars big and shiny. As big and as shiny as possible, in fact. After a long line of Mercedes masterpieces, including the S 65 AMG and Maybach S 600, the 1.59m tall F1 boss is now driving a bright white GLE Coupe. The nearly 5-meter long has been spotted parked in the paddock right in front of Bernie’s motorhome.

What is even more interesting though is that Ecclestone apparently decided to trim its budget and go for the 367 HP GLE 450 AMG version instead of the fully-fledged GLE 63 AMG beast, good for 557 in standard guise or 585 in S form.


Nevertheless, the big SUV worth 75,800 in base trim is equipped with a healthy list of of extras, including the sliding panoramic roof, brightly colored leather seats and the raft of assistance systems a modern luxury car can’t live without these days.

The diamond white finish alone costed Ecclestone 1,975 euros, while the fat 22 inch AMG wheels have taken another 1.190 Euros out of Bernie’s pocket. In conclusion, the price tag could have easily drifted towards a six-figure cheque. Good tastes, Mr. E!

Photo source: auto-motor-und-sport.de