Exploring the Colorado Mountains in a Mercedes-Benz GLS and with a husky dog

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Snow 360 degrees around. Bright white, no matter where you turn to. And look, there is a Mercedes-Benz GLS. And a man and a dog coming out of it.

Meet Loki, the Siberian husky, Malamute and wolfdog, that feels at home in deep cold snow. Then meet not his master, but his best friend, Kelly Lund, the man that gave up the leash and iron muzzle for the sake of friendship. They both listen to the call of the wild and take advantage of each moment they have the chance to run away from the buzz of the city life.

Loki the husky dog“Loki and I don’t spend a lot of time in public. We take every opportunity we can on the weekends or throughout the week to get out, to explore new areas, to go new places”, says the man who adopted the dog in December 2012. Since then, they have been inseparable.

“I really see Loki as my best friend, I think we bring balance to each other’s lives. I bring a bit of structure to his and he brings a bit of wild mind”, Lund tells. And Loki’s look can only confirm it. They have built a special bond, fueled by their desire to explore.

Be it snowstorm, be it rain, they still find a way to stay out in the open, as the great wild keeps Loki away from destroying his human friend’s home. Such dogs cannot be locked inside apartments. They’ve got too much energy, too much strength that simply cannot be suppressed by a leash.

Loki runs the hills of white, while Kelly Lund is snowboarding. “Traveling not only makes us happy, but it fuels us.”

By the end of day, they head home onboard their Mercedes-Benz GLS. Loki is surely a great co-driver.

Check out an amazing video of a friendship that only men and dogs can grow: