Exclusive: Mercedes CLC planned for 2019

The new mid-size Mercedes four door coupe
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Mercedes will introduce a new four-door coupe in three years based on the current C-Class generation. The name – Mercedes CLC – is only a coincidence with the former CLC known before as C-Class Sport Coupe.

Mercedes introduced the C-Class SportCoupe (code name CL203) in October 2000 as a three door hatchback coupe with a fastback profile, based on the W203 C-Class saloon launched in the same year.

The car was available also in North America since 2001 and it was produced until 2008. The C-Class Sport Coupe played the role of today A-Class, being the cheapest Mercedes offered on the US market.

In 2008, the car was facelifted and the name was changed in CLC-Class. Although the cars was still based on the W203 platform, it got an updated front and rear inspired by the W204 series C-Class. Even the CLC has used the same platform, Mercedes claims that a lot of components were modified.

In 2011, Mercedes has decided to stop the production of the CLC and to replace with a traditional coupe, based on the W204 C-Class saloon.

The C-Class Coupe launched in 2012 was positioned very strange for a coupe, in a price range lower than the saloon. This situation was changed only few months ago, when Mercedes has launched the new C-Class Coupe based on the W205 current C-Class saloon generation.

Looking now to the future, Mercedes plans to revive the CLC name with a four-door coupe based also on the W205 C-Class saloon.

The new CLC name represents a simple name coincidence with the former CLC. It corresponds to the new name logistics at Mercedes. CL stand for coupe and C means it is belonging to the C-Class family.

The future CLC will fill the gap between the current CLA and CLS which can be named probably in the future CLE, according to the new logistics.

The future CLC will use the same MRA platform from C-Class saloon and coupe and we expect a narrow engine range with only top versions from the C-Class including two AMG versions powered by the new 4.0 litre V8 bi-turbo engine.

We expect that Mercedes will introduce the new Mercedes CLC in 2019, after the facelift of the current W205 C-Class saloon.


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