EVO drives – no, thrashes the Mercedes-AMG GT S on track

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Christmas came early (or is it late?) for the guys at EVO magazine who got to drive the new Mercedes-AMG GT S on a circuit for the first time in the UK. Happy days.

The lucky guy’s name is Henry Catchpole and he’s buzzing around the Anglesey Circuit in a yellow Mercedes-AMG GT S. But he doesn’t linger very much on the outside of the car – we’ve all gotten used to it by now. He is pointing out the interior, though, singling it as a welcome change from the somewhat monotonous Mercedes-Benz dashboards.

But that’s not why he’s there, so he quickly pushes the start button and the wonderful V8 engine comes alive. It comes with a switchable sports exhaust, but even in the default normal mode, it still sounds terrific.

It gets even better once he sets the car in motion. Henry says there’s a lot of SLS Black Series going on with the new AMG GT S, and that’s a pretty important compliment. He notices the huge lateral grip of the AMG GT S which is duly put to test with a series of powerslides.

It’s not all candy and roses, though, with the gearbox being sanctioned for rather slow downshifts, but you have to bear in mind that they’re slow only in comparison with the blistering fast upshifts…

The conclusion is simple: the Mercedes-AMG GT S is a sophisticated sports car that hides its 1.600 kg weight brilliantly and delivers tons of fun. Actually, we’ll quote Henry on this one: “What a fun car!” He goes on: “A silly car, but huge amounts of fun”.

Tune in next week when EVO promises an epic on track battle: the Mercedes-AMG GT S will be put to test against one of its main rivals: the Porsche 911 Turbo. Talk about clash of titans…

Source: EVO via YouTube