EuroNCAP selects a Mercedes-Benz model among Europe’s safest cars in 2019

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EuroNCAP listed Europe’s safest cars in their class. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA is among them, with an impressive score achieved when tested in September 2019.

The European authority EuroNCAP tested no less than 55 new cars last year, granting 41 of them with five stars. EuroNCAP set up the ranking of the safest of them, based on the score achieved by them. Thus the Mercedes-Benz CLA, tested last September, during the same session with the GLB, was designated the safest small family car, followed closely by Mazda 3.

The premium 4-door coupe achieved 96% for Adult Occupant protection, 91% for Child Occupant protection, scored 91% for the protection of the vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists and accounted for 75% in terms of safety assistance systems.

EuroNCAP: Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the safest car of 2018

Rival company BMW put their mark on the ranking, with the BMW 3 Series leading in the ranking of the large family cars. The podium was rounded off by the electric sedan Tesla Model 3 and by Skoda Octavia.

Model 3 also accounted a spot in the “Hybrid & Electric Cars” category, while Model X was selected as the safety leader in the large off-road vehicles segment, followed by SEAT Tarraco.

Another premium brand held a spot in the ranking of 2019: it was chosen to be the safest Supermini, followed closely by Renault Clio and Ford Puma.

Here is the list of Europe’s safest cars of 2019

Tesla Model 3 – Hybrid and  electric cars

BMW 3 Series – Large Family Cars

Tesla Model 3 – Large Family Cars

Tesla Model X – Large off-road vehicles

Mercedes-Benz CLA – Small family cars

Subaru Forester – Small off-road vehicles/MPVs

Audi A1 – Supermini

Renault Clio – Supermini