Electrifying! smart electric drive is premiering in Paris

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The smart brand is the only car manufacturer in the world to offer its entire model range also in electric versions. The entire electric family made up of the smart fortwo, the smart forfour and the smart fortwo cabriolet, is going to Paris in late September.

The rear wheel drive and the rear-mounted engines seem to be the perfect combo for the electric drive system.

‘’The smart was designed for electric drive from the very start and ‘living electric’ is our motto as an electric car pioneer’’, says the Head of smart, Annette Winkler.

The Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE supplies the battery that powers the smart electric drive, while the electric engines are manufactured in Cleon, France, at the Renault plant.

Before its Parisian premiere on September 29th, the smart has gone online for the latest video teaser. Once the curtain falls on the Mondial de l’Automobile, the new smart fortwo electric goes straight to the US for its market launch. It will find its way to Europe in early 2017.