Electric SUV: Mercedes-Benz EQB in final production form

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In the coming months and years, the Mercedes-Benz EQC electriv SUV will be joined by many more zero emissions Mercedes cars under the EQ label. Caught by spy photographers, the EQB proves that they do not all get their own design.

The little brother of the EQC showed itself earlier, but then the technology of the EQB was still hidden under the coach of a B-class. That raised questions at the time, because the compact MPV coach is not exactly the most obvious route to success in these SUV times. The EQB will still be a high-legged SUV, and one that shares the bulk of its sheet metal work with the still very fresh GLB. That is a difference with the EQC, which does share a part of its platform, but not its body with the GLC.

Although the EQB is undoubtedly a variant of the GLB, Mercedes tries its best to differentiate the two. The front and rear are adjusted to distinguish the electric version from traditionally powered cars. The almost square headlights of the original are being replaced by more flattened, wider ones and the somewhat coarse mesh grille makes way for a smaller, lower placed and largely sealed one.

At the rear, the license plate recess moves to the bumper. That provides a clear family bond with the EQC, but it also means that there is room on the lid for a centrally placed logo and a continuous rear light bar, which is still taped on the test car. An exciting question is whether the EQB, like the GLB it is based on will be available as a seven-seater, because in that case the relatively compact Mercedes SUV also has a unique trump card in its electric form.

As will ultimately be the case with the EQC, we expect several variants from the EQB. In principle, count on a battery pack of around 60 kWh, which in the smaller EQB should result in a theoretical range of 350 to 400 km.

The EQB is already quite “finished” and with the ambitious plan for the ten EQ models announced for 2022, Mercedes must hurry. So count on the fact that we will see the car in 2020 at the latest.