Eight Mercedes EQ models until 2023

Future EQ range
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Mercedes will launch eight new Mercedes EQ models until 2022 from the smaller SUV EQA to the luxury sedan EQS. Here are the latest informations.


Mercedes EQC

The first member of the EQ family is the EQC and will be released in 2019. EQC is an electric SUV which has the proportions of the current GLC.

The EQC series version will take over many elements from the concept presented in autumn 2016 at Paris motorshow and will be produced in the Bremen plant.

EQC is powered by two electric motors which delivers 408 HP and 700 Nm, while the modular batteries with a capacity of up to 110 kW will be enough for a range of up to 500 km.
The estimated starting price is 60,000 euro.

The EQC will be sold in parallel with the GLC Fuel Cell.

Read here more details about the future Mercedes EQC.

Mercedes EQA

The Mercedes EQA is a compact SUV based on the next GLA but will have a different design. It will be built on the same EVA platform dedicated to the electric models like the EQC.
This mean that the layout will be the same like in case of the EQC with the batteries placed under the floor between the axles.

The base version will have a 60 kWh battery which will offer a range of 400 km. The power will come from a 150 kWh electric engine.

The EQA will be released in 2020 and the estimated base price is 40,000 euro.

Mercedes EQB

The new compact range based on the new A-Class generation will have two new members: A-Class sedan for the chinese market and a bigger SUV named GLB which will offer up to 7 places.

The GLB will be offered also as a Plug-In Hybrid and as a full electric version. The batteries and the engine will be taken over from the EQA.
The electric version will be a seven seater GLB and the name will be EQB (code name X243). The launch will take place in 2021.

Mercedes Ecoluxe

Mercedes plans also an electric model which does not have a correspondent in the traditional model range.
The name is Ecoluxe for the moment and represents a luxury SUV coupe with a 5 meter length.

It will be based on the same EVA platform and the electric range will go up to 560 km.
The prices will start from 100,000 and this luxury crossover will not appear before 2020.

Mercedes EQS

In 2020, Mercedes will launch the luxury S-Class with electric propulsion. The EQS will compete against tesla Model S and will offer much more comfort in the rear seats than the Model S.
The electric EQS will be launch in 2020, in the same time with the new S-Class (W223). With a smaller engine compartment, the future EQS will be smaller than the S-Class and will be placed between E-Class and S-Class. But the interior will be at least as spacious as the S-Class interior thanks to the compact engine compartment.

Mercedes EQE

The Mercedes EQE (code name V296) will start in 2021 and will be smaller than the traditional E-Class. The batteries will be placed between the axles and the design will follow the lines of the EQ family. The exterior mirrors will be replaced by cameras and integral steering will be optional.

Mercedes EQGLE

In 2022 will follow the EQGLE SUV (code name X 296). The new EQGLE will be placed between GLC and GLE and will be offered in different versions.
Like in case of the EQC, Mercedes will have a modular construction for the batteries.
The base EQGLE will be rear wheel drive powered by a 170 kW engine while the smallest battery will have 60 kWh. The top version AMG EQ will have two engines with a power up to 500 kWh and a 110 kWh battery.

The engines will have five power stages – 170, 200, 250, 350 and 500 kW combined with four battery capacity of 60, 80, 95 and 110 kWh.

The range will go from 420 km to 660 km and mercedes promise a battery charge at 80% in only 10 minutes due to the new technologies.

Mercedes EQGLS

The seven seater electric GLC will be launch at the begining of 2023 and will use the electric propulsion system from the EQGLE.

The top version AMG EQ will have two engines with a total output of 500 kW.