East-European turns E-Class into an off-roader

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A Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 series came to the end of its life as we know it and started a new one in Lithuania. It currently stands proud on the chassis of a GAZ truck.

The new vehicle has now become a genuine off-roader. The former wagon – now monster, converted in Lithuania, northern Europe, eventually found its way to Romania. The E-Class had suffered damages in an accident and could not have been used as it was, so the new owner gave it a second chance before bringing it home, in the local region Moldavia.

Not much is known about the bizarre creation, but one thing is for sure: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210 with the GAZ truck chassis can now tackle just about any terrain, due to its all-wheel drive, its impressive ground clearance and massive wheels.

The photos the motorsport-enthusiast owner occasionally posts on social media instantly become viral. His vehicle is surely one of a kind.

Source: facebook.com/Aleksandr Zavyjboroda

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