E-mobility reinvented. Video presentation and trailer of the Generation EQ concept

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Electro-looks. That’s what defines the appearance of the Generation EQ, the concept car that redefines the electric mobility. Soon after presenting the vehicle onto the stage of the Paris Motor Show, the brand with the star posted the first ever trailer of it.

The 1-minute electrifying video shows the car as a fusion of Connection, Autonomy, Sharing and Electric Drive. The Generation EQ concept car is just the preview of an entire generation of electric vehicles produced in Stuttgart. The concept is structured to fit any demand of a battery-electric model family. The basic architecture is suitable for SUVs, saloons, coupés and other model series.

Generation EQ

Cameras instead of mirrors and the absence of the conventional door handles reduce the air resistance and provide the silhouette of the compact SUV, running on 21-inch light alloy wheels, with stretched dynamic looks.

The music in the video seems to flow and float through the avant-garde interior, all made in aluminium, glass and carbon fiber. The approach of the driver activates a specific color mood in the interior.

Generation EQ

Once the driver takes his seat, the lighting mood switches to electric blue, as the wide-screen display progressively builds up. 3D real time maps are displayed with the help of the Mercedes-Benz partner, HERE.

Whether the production series models inspired by the EQ is going to look anything like it, we will live and see by 2020.

You can also se an extensive video presentation, to go through all the details of the Generation EQ electric concept, in the 13-minute shooting below: