E 300 BlueTec Hybrid with a real range of 2129 km

E 300 BlueTec Hybrid
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A Mercedes E 300 BlueTecHybrid has travelled the 1968 km from Tangier in North Africa to Goodwood in England without refueling and at the arrival point it still have a range of 160 km.

There were different opinions that a mild hybrid which combine a diesel engine with an electric motor has no sense because the diesel is already very economic and a such hybrid will not bring too much advantages regarding fuel consumption.

But british journalist Andrew Frankel demonstrate that a hybrid diesel could be extremely efficient in real conditions. He organized a very challenging experiment on his own. Together with his co-driver, he left Tangier, in northern part of Morocco (close to the spanich city of Tarifa over Gibraltar) in a E 300 BlueTec Hybrid, crossed Spain and France and reached to their destination in Goodwood in England after driving for 27 hours.

3.8 l/100 km

was the real fuel consumption

The whole trip was 1968 kilometeres long and on arrival to Goodwood the trip computer showed that there weas enough fuel left for around a further 160 km. The total range of the hybrid vehicle which is available as an option with a 80 litre tank can therefore be calculated at some 2129 kilometers.

Despite the tough climate and traffic conditions during the trip which involves heavy rain, high temperatures, big differences in altitude and also heavy rush-hour traffic, they succeed to reach an average fuel consumption of just 3.8 l/100 km adopting a fuel efficient driving style.

3.8 l/100 km represent the same value with the official fuel consumption 3.8 to 4.1 l/100 km (emissions of 99 to 109 g/km CO2) indicated by the manufacturer.

This value obtained in the real life traffic and climate conditions  demonstrate that the official fuel consumption figures communicated by Mercedes-Benz are realistic and a diesel-hybrid represent a efficient innovation to the already very frugal diesel engine.

And all this excellent fuel economy is obtained without sacrifying driving pleasure. The combination between 2.1 bi-turbo diesel with 204 HP and the electric engine with 27 HP accelerates the E 300 BlueTec Hybrid from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and takes it to a top speed of 242 km/h.