Dude, where’s my car? Fake valet steals E-Class!

Valet impersonator steals Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Kuala Lumpur shopping mall carpark
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For a very unfortunate Malaysian driver, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” is not just a movie anymore. He will probably never leave his car keys to anybody else ever again. That is if he can retrieve his car. His brand new limousine was stolen by a man impersonating a valet in the carpark of a high class shopping mall.

42-year old Huang handed over the car keys of his brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 Bluetec Hybrid, costing $94 000 (87 000 euros) to the man in white pretending to be a valet at the Pavillion shopping mall carpark. He got a chit in return. But 2 hours and a half later, when he came back to the carpark, the man behind the counter could not locate the car keys, nor the car.

One week after the incident, the rip off victim decided to set up a press conference, to raise awareness on valet parking issues. The woman and the man sitting next to him were two members of the Parliament, present to warn drivers not to blindly trust people who claim to offer valet parking service.

“Right now I am in trauma. I can’t believe it happened”, said Huang, who is completely downcast after his Mercedes had been snatched.

As ironic as this may seem, the police is keeping him updated in an unthinkable way: they sent him a speed ticket, so somebody is getting their way with the hybrid Benz. His car has recently been seen speeding along the Slim River, Perak, heading north, a day after the theft. Most probably, the thieves are taking his car to Thailand.

The authorities are warning the fake valet seen in a white shirt talking to a person working at the mall: “We know who you are”. The CCTV camera installed in the carpark recorded everything the evening the Mercedes was snatched. The police has already arrested the man that has been seen talking to the suspect.