Driver tries to climb the Mercedes-Benz GLK up the hill. See how he ends up!

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It is easy to get on top, they say. But how do you stay there? That is an answer that an Asian driver of a Mercedes-Benz GLK will probably never know. Watch a hilarious climbing fail.

The car is good, the driver… let’s just say he is just too brave. And reckless. And why in the world would he attempt to climb up such a steep hill with his SUV?

An Asian driver pushed the throttle pedal of his Mercedes-Benz GLK and forced it to climb up the hill. The poor SUV did its job right, but then, it was the turn of the driver to hold it up there. Instead, he forgot about both the braking and the steering wheel. The car started slipping downhill and ended up in the bushes. His partners in absurd things came running to help him out.

He failed to climb the hill with his Mercedes-Benz GLK. Now we are just hoping this guy won’t get his hand on the new Mercedes-Benz GLC though! Something tells us he will end up just the same, no matter the car.