Driver miraculously survives after tree falls on his Mercedes. VIDEO

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
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Smashed, cracked, trashed, crashed, shattered, wreaked, torn. Can you find more words to describe the picture above. We could find a couple of hundreds more. A tree fell on a Mercedes-Benz that was rolling down the road in Los Angeles, California.

Terror doesn’t even come close to what this man felt when a 50-feet tree fell on top of his hard top Mercedes-Benz convertible, while he was driving close to the intersection of Lexington Road and Benedict Canyon Drive, in Beverly Hills. The car was crashed and the driver was trapped in his pinned vehicle.

Firefighters arrived at the crash scene soon after the incident and cut the old pine-tree off the Benz to extricate the driver. He was rushed to the hospital, but he was conscious and later on, paramedics have told the media he did not have life-threatening injuries. His smashed Mercedes was only 8 months old.

The road was shut down for several hours, until firefighters managed to put the tree aside.

Witnesses say it’s a miracle the driver survived. We would say it’s a Mercedes-Benz…

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The authorities are investigating the accident, but the main suspect is the violent wind that has hit across Los Angeles this week. Thousands of residents suffered from temporary power outage, while the pedestrians and drivers had to deal with dangerous conditions.