Driveclub first-ever 360-degree video shown by Mercedes

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Thank you, Mercedes! The first-ever 360-degree video captured from the popular Driveclub racing series has now hit the web, courtesy of none other than our favorite brand.

Racing games are getting more realistic with each passing day. Just take a look at the footage released by Mercedes and partner Driveclub series and tell us we’re not telling the blunt truth.

A plethora of ultra-hot supercars and famous race tracks, all rendered in beautifully crafted graphics which even manage to reproduce small details like dynamic weather and day or night lighting conditions.

Driveclub poses as a real window towards the world of racing and high-stakes motoring and the 360-degree video posted by Mercedes can only amplify our wish to live in this fantasy universe.

The footage allows you to enjoy first-hand the ballistic Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe, as well as other truffles such as the SLS, the AMG GT and even the limited C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series. Get your PS4 started and play!