Drive the Unimog off-road at Mercedes’ Gaggenau Museum

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Mercedes-Benz invites all visitors at its Gaggenau Museum to drive the unbreakable Unimog in its natural habitat: off-road. The model provided by Special Trucks division is a Unimog U 4023 with a crewcab that offers seating for the driver and six passengers. 

The Unimog extreme off-roader is powered by a four-cylinder in-line engine delivering 170 kW (230 hp) and generating 900 Nm at 1400 rpm. The vehicle, with an overall weight of 10.3 t, features engageable all-wheel drive.

100 percent (or 1 in 1) climbs affording occupants a view of the sky through the windscreen and nothing else, and lateral inclinations of 30 degrees which leave many a vehicle occupant feeling nauseous are just some of the things which visitors have been able to experience for ten years now on the off-road track at the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau. Grab handles inset in the roof and a sturdy padded steel tube crossing in front of the bench seat provide a firm hold for the passengers.

Every year some 20 000 people, that is, every other visitor, make use of the opportunity of a ride along the outdoor track. The courageous participants can ride for some ten minutes over logs and boulders, experience 100 percent gradient climbs and overcome obstacles that cause the truck to tilt sideways at up to 30 degrees.


For many years, this drive has been the crowning event for many visitors to the museum. In addition to this ride (subject to a fee), it is possible to take part in a certified driver training course. This involves driving – together with a Unimog trainer – along a special course brimming with many challenges to the driver’s skill. Upon completion, course participants are given the coveted “Unimog Driver Training” certificate.