Dog driving a remote control Mercedes-Benz gets pulled over by police

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Dog driving a remote-control Mercedes-Benz got pulled over by police in Victoria, Australia. “Caught driving under the influence of cuteness”, was the description of the post made on Facebook by the local police.

Cute Buddy was pulled over by the police officers while driving his new Mercedes-Benz, a remote-control car his human friend has recently bought for him.

The furball was cruising along the suburbs sidewalk in Heidelberg with his two-legged companion, Terri, who was controlling the car from a couple of steps behind. The two were spotted by leading senior constable Lynda Giblett and she just had to investigate the curious situation.

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To the surprise of the Heidelberg Crime Scene Services, the 15-year old driver (approximately 107 in human years) driver was actually just a passenger, as he was blind and deaf, but sporting a cool attitude. The electric toy car is usually used by kids, but unable to still walk, Buddy uses it for his usual walks around the block.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes. Of course, we had to stop and check it out. It absolutely made our day”, Giblett told after the bizarre traffic incident.

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Despite not having a driver’s license, Buddy was allowed to cruise on, since he was deemed not to a threat to the community.


Photo credit: Victoria Police