Cute dog drives little boy in Mercedes SLS supercar. Hilarious video

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Cute puppies and babies videos can sell anything. From food and detergents to the mightiest of supercars. And the following film has both as a curly little dog decided to chauffeur its 4-year old owner in a shinny red Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Dog drives little boy in Mercedes SLS supercar? Now don’t get carried away too soon. We’re not talking about the fully fledged supercar, the last AMG powered by a naturally aspirated V8 making 571 hp. A contraption that even the most seasoned pilot would have its plate full trying to hone it at first sight.

No, what the hilarious white dog drives so masterfully is none other than a toy car made of plastic and powered by a small set of batteries.

The entire show is not the proof we’re waiting for believing dogs are actually far more intelligent than we’ve all come to think all along. Sorry to spill the beans early but it’s just another magic trick pulled by the kid’s mother who controls the steering wheel of the car as well as its acceleration by the means of a remote control.

This spoiler doesn’t make the video less funny though as seeing the cute pooch making an impression behind the wheel of the SLS is ludicrous enough. Enjoy Jessica Wolf’s youtube video for yourself below.