Dieter Zetsche plans could become reality much earlier than 2020

Mercedes sales results vs BMW, Audi
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Mercedes has all chances to become No. 1 premium brand before 2020. Dieter Zetsche plans seems to become reality much earlier than expected. In July 2015, Mercedes is already No. 1 premium brand and January-July 2015 total sales reveals very close figures for the three german premium brands.

 The Mercedes strategy has started to show its results. For the first time since many years, Mercedes was No. 1 premium brand in July 2015. Mercedes sold 149,753 units (without smart) compared with 147,153 BMW (without Mini) and 146,100 Audi.

July 2015 is the best July month in Mercedes history and the sales in the first seven months of the year had registered another all time record, with more than 1 million cars sold.

With 1,048,178 units sold in the first 7 months of 2015, Mercedes is only 272 units behind Audi and the trend is very positive for Mercedes, which grows with 14.7% in the first seven months of 2015 while Audi and BMW grows with only 3.5% respectively 5.2%.

BMW does not communicate sales by region for the BMW brand alone and announce only the common results for BMW and Mini together. For this reason is quite difficult to compare the results because all Mercedes sales results in the regions are for the Mercedes brand itself.

In July 2015, Mercedes is ahead of Audi in Germany and USA, while in China Audi is the leader.