What Dieter Zetsche might say to Elon Musk regarding the new OM 656 engine

The new OM 656 6 cylinder inline diesel in Mercedes S 400 d
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Mercedes came back to 6 inline configuration after 12 years. The brand new OM 656 6 cylinder inline diesel engine from Mercedes is a technical masterpiece. Here is what Dr.Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO  might say to Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. 
Dear Elon,

I am very sorry regarding the production problems you have with the brand new Tesla Model3. I think is not the moment to give you another bad news but is too important.

I want to inform you that THE DIESEL IS NOT DEAD.
Not only the diesel is not dead but we developed a brand new diesel generation. I hope you heard about the new OM654 4-cylinder which is already available on the new E-Class.

The good news is that this 4 cylinder has a bigger relative named OM 656 with 6 cylinder inline. We came back to the 6 cylinder inline configuration because this configuration allowed us to place the SCR catalytic converter very close to the engine to reduce the emissions to the maximum.

Why this diesel is so special?
It already fulfills the Euro 6c for 2020, which means it is the cleanest diesel in the world.

And if you do not look on the back of the car to see the S 400 d inscription, you even do not realize that this is diesel.
Because is more quiet than a petrol engine.
And has no any vibration.

Dear Elon,

When I put contact on the new OM656 engine you feel nothing. It is a sea of silent. No noise, no vibration. Exactly like an electric engine.
If you put a glass full of wine on the hood, the water will remain calm even if you push the accelerator.

But in compare with Tesla Model S we offer a real range of almost 900 km. Because the real fuel consumption is less than 8 l/100 km.  And – very important –  we offer two very comfortable rear seats which has no rival in the car industry.
And we offer all these facilities for a price of 110,000 euro, the same like Tesla Model S.

And one more detail. We produce now over 100,000 units S-Class per year, more than total Tesla production in one year.

Dear Elon,

Electric propulsion is the future but our diesel will be on this earth for some another 20-30 years. Is so clean that the emissions will not affect the penguins from Antarctica and the world climate.

All the best,

Dieter Zetsche

This letter is a pamphlet. Dr. Zetsche never wrote a such letter to Elon Musk. With this imaginary letter we want to emphasise the exceptional qualities of the new OM 656 6  brand new  6 cylinder inline cylinder diesel from Mercedes.
– low emissions (Euro 6c)
– very low noise
– absolutely no vibrations