Dieter Zetsche has got a job interview. What is his next job?

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Dieter Zetsche has got a job interview. The company’s CEO is about to make a big change in his life, as he will step down his position at Daimler. What will his next job be? Well, he’s working on getting one. And his moustache seems to be a strong point.

Ahead of holidays, Dieter Zetsche is preparing for his next job. Well, the job interview was not easy. He had to face a tough and very demanding employer.

He is asked to explain why he is leaving Daimler. Zetsche suggests that there is nothing left for him to do in the company. He says he would not be a good designer, he has already worked in the manufacturing department and he already failed the test of the racing suit, as 4-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton gave him the chance to be a racing driver. Well, he wouldn’t even fit in the racing suit.

Zetsche even contacted Joachim Loew for a job at Germany’s national soccer team, but he got rejected, even though his physical condition is not that bad.

So this is how Dr. Z ended up in the office with a huge Christmas tree.

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“You are a bit young for this job though”, the interviewer says, but still accepts him, since he is well qualified. Have you guessed who is on the other side of the manager’s desk? We’ll give you a clue: he is old and grey and wears a red suit.

“Do you have experience with reindeer?”, is the final question Dieter Zetsche says he only worked with moose, referring to the famous moose test.

With only a week left to Christmas, his first task is not easy. He receives the wish lists to review.