Dieter Zetsche: Daimler does not exclude a partnership with Tesla

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Daimler top-man Dieter Zetsche may be on his way to the door, but just before he leaves he has shared remarkable news with a Polish newspaper: he does not exclude a partnership with Tesla.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, leaving next year. Who will be the new boss?

The German never regretted the sale of the Tesla shares, “but this does not exclude a cooperation in the future.” This is truly a special statement, given the history (and shares) that Daimler had until 2014 with the American brand. According to news agency Reuters, Zetsche made the statements in an interview for the Polish Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Daimler itself is more conservative, because the group says that Zetsche’s comments were slightly taken off-context on the basis of hypothetical questions during the Paris motor show. At the moment there is no cooperation with Tesla on Daimler’s schedule.

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