Dieselgate: Daimler gets official € 870 million fine for cheating

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The Daimler group received a hefty fine. As part of the Dieselgate, the prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, Germany, fined Daimler with 870 million euros.

New developments in the Dieselgate scandal. This time it concerns Daimler. The German group, which owns Mercedes in particular, has been fined 870 million euros for putting on the market since 2008 diesel vehicles that did not meet the legal standards on pollutant emissions.

The prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart (Germany) speaks of a “negligent violation” of vehicle certifications that “resulted in the approval of diesel vehicles by the authorities, although their emissions of nitrogen oxides sometimes do not comply with regulatory requirements.”

Some 700,000 vehicles recalled
In 2018, the KBA, the federal authority for the automotive sector in Germany, requested the recall of some 700,000 vehicles worldwide (mainly Mercedes C-Class, GLC and Vito), including 280,000 in Germany, for the installation of illegal software, capable of distorting emissions tests.

Daimler had then contested this decision but has since done these recalls. As for now, the German manufacturer has already announced “give up appeal” on the verdict of the Stuttgart prosecutor.

Source: AFP