That dazzling hypercar – Mercedes-AMG Project One rendered

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Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar is set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The Mercedes powerhouse is throwing this model in the arena where bulls like Aston Martin Valkyrie are already having the time of their lives.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One, powered by a sophisticated hybrid system and boasting over 1,000 HP, will be conceived as the fastest most powerful car ever built in Affalterbach. Based on the teasing photos already revealed by the company, an Italian automotive designer Evren Milano has created his own vision of the future AMG hypercar.

Unlike the teaser photos, the digital rendering features a monstruous rear wing and the bubble-like cockpit seems to be scooped in the body of the car, with the roof coming just inches away from the lower part of the windows frame.

Yet, the front end of the fireball resembles those of some of the prototypes presented by Mercedes, though AMG has switched from the radiator diamond grille to the one with vertical thin blades.

Launched in Mercedes-AMG’s 50th anniversary year, the jaw-dropping Mercedes-AMG Project One will only be built in 275 copies with a bewildering price of 2,275 million euros. It has been reported that the model is inching closer to being sold out already. How far is this render from the real thing? We’ll live and see next September, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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