Daimler to produce next generation gearbox for Mercedes-Benz in Romania

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Daimler is set to begin the production of the next generation gearbox for Mercedes-Benz in Easter European country, Romania. The unit shall be manufactured by Star Assembly in the town of Sebeș.

An eight-speed gearbox will enter series production in Romania. The representatives of the company announced that the new stage of the development will be marked by an event set to take place at the beginning of February:

“This ceremony will mark a new stage in our investment in Sebes, by expanding production of next-generation automatic gearboxes for Mercedes- Benz.”

The Daimler subsidiary, Star Transmission, was established in 2001, as a partnership with the local government, currently having two production centers functional, located in towns of Sebeș and Cugir. Mercedes-Benz invested 300 million Euros in the Sebeș plant, while the Romanian offering a financial support of 37,4 million Euros.

The first Mercedes-Benz model to ever make use of a product made in Romania was the A-Class compact car back in 2001.

The Sebeș-located production center was established in 2013. Five-speed gearboxes were made there for the begining, while the 9G-Tronic entered production in 2016, with the Sebes plant set to become the second and only plant outside Germany to produce it.