Daimler invests in Flying Taxis developed by Volocopter

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The world as we know it is about to change and Daimler is anticipating the switch to traveling on the ground to actually flying. The Mercedes-Benz parent company is investing into a flying taxis company.

Volocopter is Daimler’s new mobility partner and the investment is part of a €29.4 million amount, that includes other such firms as well. The information has recently been revealed by Volocopter.

The vehicles developed by them are set to feature a full electric powertrain and will hold the ability to carry up to five passengers.

Landing and takeoff will be vertical, so there will be no need for a special runway reserved for the flying taxis. Volocopter is expected to carry out the first demonstrations towards the end of the year in Dubai, after the company signed an agreement with the local Road and Transportation Authority. The tests will run for the next five years. Volocopter has already been working on its vertical landing and take-off vehicles since 2011. Such a flying car is currently able to fly for 17 minutes at a cruising speed of 43 mph (70 km/h).

Daimler’s new partner is not the only company working on flying cars. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is also planning on building a single-seat vehicle able to fly. The German-based Lilium Jet and eVolo – says Carscoops – have similar plans, together with the American Terrafugia and Joby Aviation.