Daimler expected to open its first Mercedes plant in Russia

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Daimler is expected to open its first plant in Russia with three locations narrowed down as potential sites for the Mercedes-Benz factory.

According to Automotive News Europe, the three cities eyed by the German automaker are St. Petersburg, Kazan (Tatarstan‘s capital) and the central Russian region of Sverdlovsk.

News broke out after Yuri Spiridonov, the president of the Russian investment agency Invest in Russia, declared to local media that the first building blocks will layed at the end of 2015, with full capacity for the factory expected to be reached by 2017. He went on revealing that Mercedes is set to assemble five models in Russia. The S class, the E class, the GL, ML and the A class, to be more precise.

Daimler has officially declined to confirm the rumors. “Currently no decisions regarding local production of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Russia have been taken. We are continuously reviewing local production in the light of market growth and sales potential,” a company spokeswoman has revealed.

Meanwhile, Russia Today reports that Daimler could also extend its current agreement with General Motors regarding the local assembly of Mercedes-Benz branded vehicles in order to avoid building a new plant from scratch. Daimler again officially rejected this theory. A theory which doesn’t seem so implausible in light of GM’s recent withdrawal of the Chevrolet brand from Russia and idling of its plant in St. Petersburg.