Daimler chooses the innovative Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads

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Ferodo Eco-Friction innovative zero copper brake pads have been chosen by Daimler for two important vehicle platforms and their corresponding models.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts will supply these components for the front axle of MFA2 and BR167 vehicle platforms, commercially known as the Mercedes A and B Class, and Mercedes M Class.

From model year 2018 to model year 2025, Federal-Mogul Motorparts will supply Daimler with an average of 5 million Ferodo Eco-Friction brake pads per year, for both OE and OES markets. Over five years of material tests and studies conducted by the Ferodo Research and Development engineers to eliminate copper from the brake pad formulations (that proved harmful to the environment and was therefore banned in the United States and in future across Europe too) allowed to develop the Eco-Friction pads, making Federal-Mogul the world’s leading provider of low-copper and copper-free friction components.


The expertise gained in these new friction formulations is such that today Federal-Mogul supplies copper-free brake pads to satisfy the different demands from the global market. In such context the nomination at  Daimler, which will see the development of two different Eco-Friction formulations for the North American market and the rest of the world, prove just this: the pads provided to Daimler for the North American market will be in NAO (non asbestos organic) friction material, developed to favour comfort and durability, whereas for Europe and other countries Daimler chose low-steel pads to favour performance.

This important agreement further confirms the strong bond between Federal-Mogul and the German manufacturer that in 2014 chose the brake pads of Eco-Friction range to fit the Mercedes-Benz C Class, first vehicle of its kind equipped with such pads.