Croove: Mercedes launches car sharing platform in Munich

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Croove is the name of the new car sharing platform launched by Mercedes-Benz. The new product will be launched next month in Munich and claims to be part of a major transformation of the way we see cars.

Croove is a platform on which users can rent cars from individuals via a live app that can be downloaded from here. The German brand is thereby assuring non-Mercedes drivers can drive its latest models via the new app. According to Mercedes, this method is more flexible and less expensive than many conventional car rental companies and users get just as good and well maintained cars at their disposal.

Mercedes-Benz is certainly not the first to make it possible for individuals to rent a car. Turo offers in the United States a similar service and Snappcar does the same in the Netherlands. Mercedes, however, picks up happy and profits from this market, mainly because it fits well into the CASE strategy of the brand. Which stands for Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing and Electric Drive Systems.

Beautiful language, but what matters is that Mercedes wants to transform a producer of premium cars ‘to a’ supplier of mobility. The EQ concept car presented in Paris is the beginning of a new name label for electric and autonomous automobiles and fits in the same strategy.

Mercedes is not alone in its quest. Nissan recently presented a car-sharing program – that is different, because it does not allow the temporary use of cars, instead splitting the very ownership title of a vehicle between several people.