2.000 units limit for crazy 585 PS Mercedes-AMG GT R supercar

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The Mercedes-AMG GT R premiered to great fanfare last month complete with a 585 PS V8 bi-turbo beast of an engine and an aero-kit made in Heaven. Now, Mercedes decided to limit its production at 2.000 units only, Autocar reports.

Even if initially the hot new Mercedes-AMG GT R was not supposed to be a limited run model, in the vein of the hardcore Black Series variants, Daimler apparently thinks exclusivity will prevail and turn the green monster into an instant classic Mercedes fans will love even more.

This move could indeed motivate collectors to place an early order and think twice before saying no to a potential classic which could fetch much higher prices come re-selling time in the future. Porsche is said to be pulling a similar stunt with the Cayman GT4, not officially a limited-run model, but bound to exit production after exactly 2.500 cars have left the factory lines.

Mercedes-AMG GT R, the most potent sports car in AMG’s portofolio today, is powered by the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 of its GT S brother, boosted to 585 PS or 577 hp, 75 PS more than the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Compared to the GT S torque also increases by 50 Nm to 700 Nm. The GT R must be able to reach a speed of 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. It’s also 0.2 seconds quicker than the GT S. Top speed is 318 km/h.

Besides additional spoilers, the “beast of the Green Hell” will feature a special color: Green Hell AMG Magno. Also brand new for the Mercedes-AMG GT R are the lighweight alloy wheels, modified brakes, suspension and steering ratio and last, but not the least, the huge fixed rear wing accompanied by an exclusive aero kit and front grille which pays homage to the W194 300SL Gullwing race car from 1954.