Could this be the hot new Mercedes GLC AMG super SUV?

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The prospect of a hot new Mercedes GLC AMG super SUV is an enticing one, to say the least. But what would such a beast look like? Digital artist ROKENR is kind enough to answer, giving us a world-first glimpse at the top-of-the-line fully-fledged sports GLC variant.

As expected, the GLC 63 AMG rendering is the result of grafting the now ubiquitous Mercedes-AMG C 63 cues such as the wide gaping front air intake, aprons, black alloys and the mesh-grille on the regular body. This is exactly what Mercedes-AMG specialists are having in mind for their own official version anyway so, after all, ROKENR’s take might be closer than you think to the real deal.

Specifications remain secret, but we can easily speculate about what might be hiding under the ball dress. Although not yet officially confirmed, the GLC 63 AMG will sport the brand new 4,0 litre V8 bi-turbo lifted straight from its C 63 AMG smaller brother. In two flavours, of course, the 476 HP entry-level version (if we can call it that away given its on-board arsenal) and the 510 HP range-topper in the shape of the GLC 63 AMG S.

Built largely around the current C-Class’ modular architecture, the GLC gets longer wheelbase and wider tracks. The bigger wheelbase means the GLC will be able to offer more generous interior accommodation for its five passengers, better matching its rivals in therms of space.

The interior is carried over largely unchanged from the 4-door C-Class, meaning an appealing mix of glossy surfaces, a free-flowing centre console and a tablet-style infotainment screen.

Tthe unveiling of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG is expected to take place sometimes next year.

Photo credits: ROKENR Design