Cookies delivery in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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A bakery in Aachen has relied on Mercedes-Benz vans for 30 years. The Sprinters that they use cover approximately 260 000 kilometers per year and Christmas time is by far the busiest. The company annually delivers 250 tons of bakery products to companies and private customers around the world.

Celebrating Christmas without putting desert on the table is unthinkable. The traditional bakery Nobis Printen relies on a fleet of Mercedes-Benz to deliver the cookies worldwide. This Christmas, 17 Sprinter-s will be on the road, ensuring the supply for 40 companies and shops in the Aachen area.

It is a family business, led by Michael Nobias, founded in 1858 with now a production reaching 250 tons per year. Parcels filled with cookies are despatched all the way to Japan, Brazil, the US and Australia, with the demand skyrocketing around Christmas time.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The relationship between the Printen bakery and the Sprinter is a matter of trust. “We have relied on the Sprinter for the last 20 years, because we appreciate the high quality, the technical features and the value retention”, says Michael Nobis.

The 3.5-ton Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with its impressive versatility and manoeuvrability now got a 5.5 ton gross vehicle weight variant. More than three million Sprinter-s were sold in over 130 countries, since it first came into the world in 1995.